Postmasculine – A Rational Self Help Site for Men

Postmasculine – A Rational Self Help Site for Men

Postmasculine is a self development website designed to help men adjust to the necessary social and sexual realities of the post-industrial, post-feminist and post-modern era.

That’s a lot of “posts”, but by all conventional measurements men are not keeping up with the changing times. The old standards successful masculinity are outdated and no longer efficient. Postmasculine seeks to create new and useful behavior for men of the coming generations.

Happiness is created from being self-directed and internally validated, not through external signals of success or superiority.
Wealth is the accumulation of experiences and assets, not possessions or status symbols.
Courage to pursue one’s ambitions and dreams — whether it be starting a business or asking the hot blond out on a date — can be cultivated through conscious, progressive action. We are not doomed to be imprisoned by our fears.
Honest communication and authenticity can actually increase a man’s sex life drastically and there’s nothing shameful or immoral about a man’s natural sexual urges as long as they’re expressed respectfully.
Relationships and the expectations which define them are flexible and are created through conscious decisions, not social or sexual obligations.
Responsibility, that despite one’s environmental conditions or genetics, a person is not only always capable, but also responsible, for improving their living situation.
Mastering Emotions doesn’t mean hiding them. And expressing and interpreting a man’s emotions well can make a man more powerful, not less.
These are just a few of the ideas set forth on the site.

You’ll also find more traditional articles about self help, dating, career-building and culture. And of course, you’ll sometimes be treated to my own personal stories and musings (for better or worse).

WHERE TO START? contains over 350,000 words of free content — enough to fill four books — and is constantly growing. It can be a bit overwhelming and hard to know where to start. If you’re new here and want to know more, I recommend following the process laid out below:

This article is the best representation of the site and what it stands for:
A New Masculinity

You’ll find that the site itself is divided up into four sections:
Self Improvement – articles about self-esteem, confidence, beliefs, and happiness).
Wealth – articles about financial independence, minimalism, entrepreneurship and maximizing life experiences.
Sex – articles about dating, relationships, attraction and of course, sex.
Culture – articles about travel, gender, social issues and current events.

The flagship content of the site is the free “Life Guides” which cover major topics in depth:
Self Discipline
Life Purpose
Attract Women

To understand why the classic concept of the “Alpha Male” is flawed and harmful, read:
Butchering the Alpha Male
The Fake Alpha Males

To understand vulnerability and how it can make a man more secure and attractive, read:
Power in Vulnerability
A Note on Vulnerability
Vulnerability and Manipulative Women
The Pain Period

To understand the roots of this website and for commentary on the pick up artist community, check out:
My Life as a Pick Up Artist
15 Things I Learned in Five Years

To get a better grasp on sexual behavior and what drives it, it’s important to read:
Evolution and Sexual Behavior
How Pornography Can Ruin Your Sex Life

For articles on financial independence and maximizing wealth as experience:
How to Quit Your Day Job and Travel the World
10 Best Ways to Make Money Online

For personal observations on culture and traveling:
A Dust Over India
10 Things Americans Don’t Know About America
The Highs and Lows of an International Lifestyle.

The site also has the highly popular “Shut Up and…” series of practical life advice:
Shut Up and Dress Well
Shut Up and Join a Gym
Shut Up and Kiss Her
Shut Up and Find a Career
Shut Up and Be Grateful
This should get you started. The site is updated multiple times each week and new posts can always be found over at the main blog page.

BOOKS AND COURSES also offers books and courses to help you improve your lifestyle.

Models: How to Attract Women Through Honesty – The book that turned this into a career and revolutionized much of the men’s dating advice you find online these days. As one reader put it, “If I ever have a son and he has trouble with girls, this is the only book I would give him.”

Escape Plan: Ditch the Rat Race, Discover the World, Live Better for Less – My how-to guide for long-term travel and living a remote lifestyle abroad. You’ll find everything from my method for getting ridiculously cheap airfare to knowing which health insurance to buy while living in Thailand. Not just for backpackers, but for people who are serious considering a remote lifestyle, or working abroad.

The Style Guide for Men – A beautifully-crafted, 200-page tome of everything a man needs to know to start dressing well. Comes complete with over 150 images and examples. Co-authored by two professional fashion consultants from Paris, this guide will make you better-dressed than 95% of the men out there after only a few hours and a trip to the mall.

Approach Women Course – An interactive online course that uses the tenets of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to systematically help you overcome your social anxiety and inhibitions with talking to women.

Connection Course- A complete course in charm. The Connection Course is designed to turn you into a master conversationalist and charismatic communicator who can connect with people you meet on an emotional level and make an indelible impression.

Sexual Confidence Course – Designed to help men get over their sexual shame, begin asserting themselves and their desires around women, and take charge of their romantic interactions. Stop waiting for “signals” and start creating them.


Since 2007, Mark Manson has worked with over a thousand men from over a dozen countries around the world. His book Models: Attract Women Through Honesty has sold thousands of copies worldwide and garnered dozens of perfect reviews without the benefit of any media publicity or major publisher.

Mark himself is a graduate of Boston University. He’s been traveling the world for the past four years and has visited almost 50 countries. He speaks three languages and a little bit of a fourth. He currently lives in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

To get in touch with Mark for a consultation or speaking engagement, contact him.

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