What would Mystery do vs. What I would do.

What would Mystery do vs. What I would do.

JT, the Asian Playboy posted up this photo recently on his facebook with this caption:

“You see this beautiful girl reading a book by the pool. What would your opener be?”

open her

A lot of people replied, including the man himself, Erik von Markovik aka Mystery. Mystery is the world’s best Pick Up Artist, and his tactics, techniques and game is perfect. Here is what he said he would do:

Mystery Opener
Erik von Markovik short opener, then “I come in waves” and depart. few minutes later, reopen (another short one) then “I come in waves” and depart again. Id do this a good 4 or 5 times. each opener is interesting (who sings this song opener, how many 9s opener, current emotional state openers) and non sexual. energy level high enough to excite, then depart without an agenda. from there, join the set, run a longer gambit (she’s a part of a larger set mind you), and tell them the plan for the day, thereby assuming the sell that they’re coming with you to find adventure and make friends (there are loads of people there … where’s the poolside champagne?)

Erik von Markovik reading a book in that specific environment, to me, is SYMBOLIC. THIS is how she wishes to attract someone. She has her protection shield in view (useful tool for her, and weeds out those who cant get past a fucking BOOK) and then places herself in sexually revealing clothes in a public gathering with her hot friends. She screams, “please save me from this boring book.” dont talk ABOUT the book, the last loser did that. stick to YOUR material.

Mystery 2

Erik von Markovik (oh and I would make use of other sets when returning … merging sets … Id say “lets go make some friends” to a set, and bring them back to this girl (and her friends) and introduce the girls to the other girls. then run another group captivating gambit, and after negging the target, allow her to redeem herself by isolated qualification phase while her friends are engaged with the other set I brought in.


A few years ago I would have read that and thought, wow this is gold. Even today, I read it and know it works, 100%. If this was a pick up competition Mystery would win, hands down. However, reading it now, it just gives me a headache. I’m glad I understand what pick up is and what it requires, but honestly, I’m not willing to put in that much energy and effort into some random chick just so I can have the possibility of banging her.

So what would I do instead?

I would do what a normal, natural guy would do, even if that meant my chances go down from 95% success rate to 40%. I would comment on the book she was reading.

The only attraction I would run would be natural including having good body language, presence, being in shape, and having the confidence to approach her. I may also have social proof and pre-selection by women built in as I would most likely either be at the pool with other friends, or have already met other girls on the way in. Now the difference between what I would do and an AFC (Average Frustrated Chump) would do is I would actually be interesting and change the topic away from the book if it started to get boring. I would also move the conversation forward by asking her to rub sun tan lotion on my back, come sit with my friends, or play a game such as water volleyball. If the conversation didn’t go anywhere it wouldn’t ruin my day or affect me. I would just move on and continue to have fun with my friends and meet another girl.

No longer is my self value and worth based on being able to pick up and hook up with beautiful girls. I’ve learned that often they aren’t worth it. I’d much rather continue to pursue being the best person I can be, and meet cool girls along the way than to focus on rejection free high level game. It’s up to you. I know that if you’re just starting out, none of this natural stuff I’m speaking about matters. Sometimes you just need to fuck a couple of hot girls to get it out of your system. So do what you need to do and get it done. But if you want to live a normal, healthy life, have normal cool friends, relationships while getting laid once in a while, then that’s where my techniques come in. I’m not a pick up artist and don’t want to be. I’m perfectly happy being a normal guy that understands just enough about opening, sexual escalation and game, while keeping my sanity and not becoming a creepy PUA.

Warm Regards,

Johnny Wolf
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