Website is moving to a new server

Website is moving to a new server

ASKJDOG Datacenter Server

ASKJDOG Datacenter Server

Just a quick update to let you know what I’ve been doing lately, and why the posts are starting to look a little updated.

Months ago I decided it was time to move all my websites to a new state of the art server. With all my personal and client sites, this is a LOT of websites, and a big job.

Everything runs on content managers, and databases these days, so you don’t just copy the files, and re-upload them to the new server. There’s a lot of database work involved, especially to keep the sites current with the latest technologies.

So to cut a long story short I’m about half way through moving the sites. Recently I moved the old Arizona PUA Lair website, and gave it a revamp in the process. That was about a 40-50 hour process as there were some database issues.

My idea (for now) for is primarily the Discussion Forum for local Arizona guys to meet, but it in fact used by people all over the world, with almost 20,000 posts about dating, and pickup. The main website was actually the very first PUA Magazine styled website, and has been running since 2004. It was outdated, and difficult to navigate, so I gave it a fresh, albeit tabloidesque feel.

For ASKJDOG, I also want to modify it a little, but for right now I’m in the process of backing up, and transferring to the new server.

I just felt I should give all the regular readers an update as to why things have slowed down here lately.

I have also been taking on fewer and fewer coaching clients, while I refocus my career in Engineering. I love teaching and helping deserving men with their dating lives, but I also really miss using my brain for engineering in the corporate work environment.

All the best,

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