Video Blog: Why women don’t answer your phone calls…

Video Blog: Why women don’t answer your phone calls…

A short video blog about why women often don’t answer your phone calls despite the fact there was a genuine attraction there when you exchanged phone numbers, and what to do about it…

Think time.

Think investment.

Think trust.

Watch your number-to-date ratio sky rocket.

Want to get your dating life handled?

Sebastian-Callow-Dating-Coach-LondonSebastian Callow is a personal dating coach for men in London. Unlike other dating services he provides a practical, real-life coaching experience that actually involves meeting and interacting with women in everyday situations. Sebastian helps men develop the comfort and ease to express themselves with raw honesty. If you’re unhappy with your dating life and you’re hungry for change, the Personal Coaching Course could be exactly what you need.



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