Two Months of Success: Three Steps

Two Months of Success: Three Steps

One of my favorite things and the reason why I continue to update this blog is for the success emails I get from my past students. Check out this week’s email from Andrew:

“Hey Johnny!

How have you been?

It’s already been two months since the time I spent time at the epic Full Moon Party Bootcamp in Thailand. I want to keep in touch and give you an update after the bootcamp. I’ve been following your blog and facebook and see that you were in Saigon for about a month. It seems like you had a great time over there.

Relationship, sex life, business, and fitness / health have been great during the past two months. I’ve been working on my goals and daily method of actions to work on my business. I’ve been focusing on my productivity and cut out the non-productive activities bit by bit.

I’ve been working out at the gym and home 5 times a week and work more on getting more muscle mass and losing more fat. I’m focusing on back & leg workouts and also work on my flexibility to become fit overall. I also signed up for Crossfit membership at a special deal starting early next month.

I’m able to approach the girl that I think is attractive more often than before at various spots during the day or night. I’m working hard each day on my body language and situational & direct openers.

I went on a date with 6 girls and I slept with 3 of them! I followed your methods to lead my date and to go for a kiss-close on first dates. Most importantly, I was being more genuine self and act more confident as a man to able to attract the girl that I was on a date with. I was actually enjoying the moment with the girl during the date to naturally go for the kiss and escalate to my place. It’s been fun and great to able to naturally attract more effectively than before.

I’m not just meeting girls to hookup and have sex as I’m open to get into serious relationship if I meet the girl that I passionately like. I just haven’t found one yet for a while. But in the meantime, I want to work on my inner self and improve my lifestyle to naturally attract and meet more attractive girls. I want to eventually perceive to meet an attractive girl that I thought she would be “out of my league” in the past.

I’m working hard on my business to wake up early and be productive in the morning. I create my top 3 goals for the week and work on each day to achieve and improve.

I’m working hard to become more fit, confident, and rich each day. I’m looking at my 6 months goal that I wrote down back in Thailand and working on it each day to reach my goal by end of July. You’ve been a great instructor and older brother to inspire me to able to become more fit, confident, and rich than before. I see that you’re making great passive income on your e-commerce store, dating a hot caucasian girlfriend, and being in your best shape in your body & health. I will write to you about once a month and would like to share my progress from now on.

Having a great week and keep in touch!”

Smooth FMP BC

The above photo is of Andrew on the 2nd night of the bootcamp. The only reason why I continue to teach bootcamps is because of emails like this. Unfortunately because of my travel schedule I’m only teaching on a limited basis now, so check the schedule.

3 Steps to being Rich Fit and Confident the guide.
Fitness: Search for your local trainer by searching your city + CrossFit
Diet: I personally follow the Bulletproof Diet and recommend it.
Learn eCommerce and Dropshipping:
Setup an eCommerce Store:

Best of luck to everyone out there, leave a comment below and let me know if you have any questions.

Kind Regards,

Johnny Wolf – Keep in touch



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