The Rich, Fit and Confident Experiment.

The Rich, Fit and Confident Experiment.

I usually only share things that I’ve already gone through and mastered so I can be 100% sure it works. Before I teach any tactic or technique I always first master it myself, have my close friends replicate it, and make sure it’s something that is both realistic and learn-able. But since this experiment may take an entire year, I wanted to share it with everyone now so you can start working on it.

Disclaimer – You do not need to be Rich or in Great Shape to get girls. You can be broke, ugly, fat, and lazy and still get laid. Yes, you can trick a hot girl into having sex with you, but for the amount of energy and time you put in to do so, and then have the girl regret having sex with you and never call you again, it’s not worth it in my opinion. I’m not here to teach how to do that. I don’t want to have to trick or manipulate girls, and I don’t want to open a hundred sets trying to get lucky.

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I want to become Rich, Fit and Confident and have girls naturally be attracted to me and be the ones chasing me.

Time line and Dedication – I’ve already started three months ago, but for 1 Full Year, my priority will not be to party, meet new girls, go out drinking, date or chase girls. My priority will be to become independently wealthy and in the best shape of my life.

Measuring Success / Dreamlining:

Fitness: By July 11th 2014 I will have a lean muscular body with six pack abs while feeling healthy, having a full physical doctor exam to verify I’m healthy, and be full of energy, never having the feeling of being lazy or wanting to take a nap mid day. I will do this by continuing to do CrossFit a minimum of five days a week and continuing to eat a Bulletproof Paleo Diet.

Wealth: By July 11th 2014 I will continue to have zero debt, and have $4,000US a month in after tax profit, while having the location and time independence of working online anywhere in the world and owning my own company. I will do this by continuing to build my online businesses and by making them profitable.

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Why I’m doing this:
My entire life I feel like I’ve used my wit to find the easiest ways to get something. Whether it be to glide through school, get through work without really working, or get girls without really working for it. To some of you that may sound like the ideal life, but I’m sick of trying to coast through life and trying to get things for free.

I firmly believe that there needs to be a balance in everything we do. For people who just work hard their whole lives, a lot of them never get to enjoy their success. There are plenty of rich guys out there who are terrible with women. And I’ve ever met guys who are in fantastic shape that never get laid. However, it is a million times easier for me to teach a rich, in shape guy pick up in three days and get him the hottest girls in the world chasing him than it is for me to teach a broke, out of shape guy how to build attraction.

Imagine never having to build attraction or sexual attraction, and only having to have fun when you meet a girl, build comfort, going for the kiss when she gives you the signals and then having the logistics and the balls to take her home. It would be such a breeze and so much more fun and enjoyable than approaching sets and trying to build it up.

What you have to lose:
If at the end of the year, it somehow doesn’t work. You will still have the financial independence to do whatever you want, whether that be travel, live in other countries, or just spend your days on hobbies and sports. You’ll also be in great shape and feel younger, healthier and stronger. I honestly think it’s the best trade of 1 year any man can have.


Tips and FAQs on the Rich, Fit and Confident Experiment:

How is making $4,000 a month considered being rich, I make that now and I’m not rich.
The difference is making the money at a job or online with your own business. When I was making $4,000 a month living in LA, I was just okay. Having $4,000 a month while traveling is a lot of money. Second, freedom and time is priceless. Don’t think of the money, think of what you can do with the extra time you have. Last but most important, once you can make $4,000 online with your business, it is very easy to scale it up, or to automate your business and then replicate it in another niche and double your income. You can’t ask your boss to double your annual salary, but you can own two businesses.

How do I get started?
First, write down on a piece of paper your goals and dream lines like I did above. Second, write down a to do list. Do not skip this part. Every time I have written down goals and to dos I have checked them off as done. It works. Stop being lazy and just fucking do it.

Does this mean I can’t have sex or meet girls this year?
Yes. Just kidding. Just don’t let it get in the way of your actual priorities. If staying out until 2am at a bar hoping to get laid makes you less productive the next day, diminishes your fitness progress or makes you lose sleep, then don’t do it.

Example of how to stay on track:
A smoking hot girl from Idaho I know wanted to have lunch with me today, so even though hanging out with her isn’t my priority, I set it up so it wouldn’t negatively affect me. My three priorities for today are working on my new online business, eating bulletproof paleo, and doing CrossFit. So I asked her to come meet me at my office at 1pm, when I was going to go out for lunch anyways. That way I’m not wasting time driving to meet her and having to wait around if she was late.

Second, we walked to a restaurant near my office, giving me a bit of exercise, but also clearing my head and getting fresh air which is healthy for my mind and body, and it makes me more productive when I get back to work.

Third, I ordered vegetables, soup and meat, sticking to my bulletproof/paleo diet.

Fourth, I kept it short, so I could have time to come back work more and then go to CrossFit.

If she hadn’t agreed to the above, I simply would have said, sorry I’m busy today, let’s do it another day. Having priorities and sticking to them not only make you reach your goals, but not having hooking up with girls as your priority actually make women even more attracted to you.

What is my online business I’m working on?
I found a system that teaches you how to build an online eCommerce store. I’m not sharing it with everyone yet because I want to make sure it works as well as I believe it will before recommending it to everyone. Just like with pickup, there are plenty of fake gurus out there that sell products that don’t work or haven’t been tested. Keep in touch on my blog and as soon as it starts becoming profitable I will share it with everyone.

What is the Bullet Proof/Paleo Diet?
I started eating Paleo which worked very well for me. But then I switched to the Bulletproof Diet which is very similar and have had even better, long lasting, sustainable results. You can read more about it here.

What is the best way to get in shape and have a six pack?
Without any doubt, it is finding a high rated CrossFit gym. If you’ve been working out for more than 5 years without good results like most guys in the world have, stop being cheap and just pay for the best and get in shape this year. Instead of paying $39.99 a month at a normal gym and not being in shape, and basically wasting $2,400 and five years of your life, just pay the damn $150-$250 a month and get in shape in one year instead. If you can’t afford it but know it works and know that it’s something you want, ask yourself, how can I afford it. Then make it happen.

What about learning pick up?
The best thing you will ever learn from pick up is that you don’t have to settle in life and that there are tools and information out there to better yourself as a man. Learning to approach, open, structure, comfort, connection, dealing with AMOGs, correct kino escalation, BLP (Body Language Positioning), dealing with LMR, being good in bed, etc, are all extremely important but those can all be learned in one weekend during a bootcamp.

One year from now I’m going to start charging $3,000 then $5,000 two years from now for my bootcamps. Instead of attracting guys who try to ask for a discount on a $1,500 bootcamp, I want those guys to start thinking,

“I want the best, I know this works, I know Johnny Wolf can teach me the skills I need to learn, and instead of thinking it’s too expensive or that I can’t afford it, I’m going to follow his free advice on his blog, make a ton of money, and then happily pay full price for it.”

If you want to keep in touch and do the Rich, Fit and Confident Experiment with me, leave a comment below. Also, if you haven’t already, be my friend at

Warm Regards,

Johnny Wolf

Update: Here is the 2 month update

Here is the guide on how to do it:



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