The Asian Fob Scores using Social Circle Game and BLP.

The Asian Fob Scores using Social Circle Game and BLP.

Some people ask why I continue to teach bootcamps even though I really don’t want anything to do with the Pick Up Artist community and some of the creeps in it. Especially now that I have a business that is doing well and I really don’t need the money. Well it’s because of email updates like these that keep me motivated.

Here is one from a student who I taught in Toronto last year, is was born and raised in Asia and speaks with a heavy accent. He’s not the tallest guy in the world or the richest, but when the other students asked why he is so motivated and does not hesitate he responded:

“Look, I flew all the way to Canada from Asia using the money my mom gave me for university. If my mother found out I did this and did not even do as my teacher told me to do, what would she think? I only have three days with Johnny and if I do not listen and do what he says, I how can I face my mother?”

Well, I don’t think his mom ever actually found out he used some of his student loans to pay for a bootcamp, but the good news is that she would be proud that his shy son is now becoming a man. Here is the most recent email he sent me.


“Hey Johnny, some more update!


I am dating a new girl, damn Johnny! She’s blonde, with blue eyes! holly shit, blonde really has more fun! Just making out with her in student party has already made me hard.

AND SOCIAL Circle game works like a champ Johnny! I brought this new blonde girl to party, and from time to time, there are other hot chicks coming say HI to me and hug because I have met them before, and this new blonde girl were jealous, like asking how come you know all these hot woman. Next when we switch to another club, my cool guy friends were like VIP, I hold her hand, walk pass the whole fucking long queue, say hi to the security guard, and we are in! BOMB! She asked, how do you know all these cool people like VIP to party, and free shots, free drinks. I then said, well, take it slow baby, there are still a lot you dont know about me yet 🙂

Man Johnny, dancing and making out with a blonde in the middle of the dance floor has attracted quite a bit of AMOG! ANd you know what? Screw them, I just use BLP, I switched the position so that I am lying with my back on the wall, seeing the whole club, while making sure the girl can only see me but no one else, I realize all other guys instantly stop coming over and push me when they see this “BLP”

JOHNNY!!! I AM HAVING A FUCKING GOOD DAMN LIFE! But I wont stop, because I want to make it longer! I am enjoying this push-pull game at the moment.


cartoon blonde hot chick

As you can tell from the email, English isn’t his first language, but guess what? It doesn’t matter. Learning the basics of attraction works, and it works for anyone. There was some really personal stuff in his email as well, but I deleted that part to protect his privacy. But overall, his life has taken a complete turn for the better.

What makes him successful? He came to the bootcamp willing to change, listen, and try. Afterwards he emailed me once every 2-3 months to update me on his life. He’s been continuing to put into place the things I taught him over that weekend and it’s working. He’s going to continue to do well and who knows, he might be the next William, the next Better Asian Man.

Johnny Wolf – Add me to keep in touch.

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