Taking over Vancouver Canada

Taking over Vancouver Canada

I just got back from teaching a PUA Bootcamp in Vancouver, Canada and it was hella fun. I can’t believe how different girls are in Vancouver vs. in Toronto. I figured it was all Canada but everything about the two cities are completely different.

If I lived in Vancouver here would be my game plan: I would never go out Monday-Thursday as the bars and clubs are dead. But it’s amazing on Fridays and Saturdays where they close off all of Granville and it’s like a big block party simular to the one in Austin, TX. Sunday nights at the Roxy is country night and quite fun. Day game is also SUPER easy especially at the mall, we went to Pacific Centre but I’m sure they would all be great.

The game plan in Vancouver would be more of a multiple relationships kind of place, than trying to go out and pull one night stands. If anything, I’d probably just have one super hot girlfriend and a good social circle if I lived there. While if I was in Toronto I’d run some hard core stripper game and go out pulling. Both can be fun. =)

Anyways, here’s a picture from the Roxy on Granville and a review one of the students just put up of the bootcamp.

Hello guys,

I’m busy with school but I write a review about the bootcamp anyways.
A little bit about myself. I came to Canada 2.5 years ago. I have little experience with women. I mean I have girl friends but never be with one in an intimate level. Man, I’m sick of being lonely by myself so I think I should do something about it. I looked around the Internet and came across ABCs of Attraction. Fortunately, it is for Asian males. I bit the bullet and signed up for the bootcamp one week before it started.

J.Wolf is a good instructor imo. During the night portion of the bootcamp, I saw him demo many sets and it completely blew my mind. He knows what he’s doing and he will push you to the limit. I remembered the second night when I first entered the club, my AA raised like crazy and I couldn’t even go and approach the girls. So Johnny grabbed me and said it right into my face:” You want to change your life. Man the fuck up and approach them girls” in the middle of the club. Everybody looked at me. I mean I was a little bit embarrassed at that time but after that, I said to myself:” Fuck this shit man. I will go and talk to them girls” and the AA was gone man. I approached some girls in the club. It didn’t go very well but hey, at least I tried and I felt good about that.

J.Wolf is also good in the classroom. His lecture was easy to understand. We did a lot of exercises about body language and all that. Johnny also gave me some advices about fashion and look. He took me to buy a shirt and get a haircut. Man, I felt sexy after the haircut. Johnny was like my big brother.

In the bootcamp, we also had our approach coach Adam. To be honest, I like Adam. He is a nice and outgoing guy. It is very easy to talk to him. In the field, Adam also demo. I remembered when we were out in the street, Adam saw these two girls and he came right up to talk to them without any hesitation. I stood there observing the dude. It was amazing man. Adam followed the ABC structure and it actually worked. One more thing I want to mention is that I’m very skeptical about everything. So during the classroom section, J.Wolf and Adam told me that girls can sense that guys are watching them. I said to myself: ” Man, BS. How the hell that happens?”. However, now I gotta admit that J.Wolf and Adam were right. So I tried to approach these two Asian girls and when I was there talking to them, one of the girls told me that she knew my friends were gonna come over and wing me because she saw them standing around the corner. I was like:” What the what?” Unbelievable eh? Believe what the instructor and coach told you guys. Trust them because they are here to help us, not to lie to us.

I love the bootcamp. It is worth every penny. I mean I learned a lot from it, not only with seducing women but also with how to become a better person. I highly recommend for those of you who are hesitated to sign up the bootcamp. Do it y’all. It ain’t gonna hurt if you learn something and use it to improve your goddamn life.
Thanks Johnny Wolf and Adam. You guys help change my life.
Thanks J.t and ABCs of Attraction.

You’re very welcome bro, I’m glad you got a lot out of the bootcamp!

Next upcoming bootcamp taught by Johnny Wolf

San Francisco
September 28th – 30th 2012

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