Sometimes just ask, “Would you like to go home with me?”

Sometimes just ask, “Would you like to go home with me?”

I was out with some friends and one girl mentioned a time that a random guy stopped her on the street and flat out asked, “Would you like to go back to my apartment?” The crazy thing is, even though she didn’t do it, she admitted to considering it for a second. She said that the guy was decently attractive, around her age, and if he had asked her in a more appropriate social setting such as a bar she would have.

Breaking it down, I realized that he was missing comfort. Even though she was a bit excited about a confident, attractive man offering her a one night stand, she was hesitant and scared for her safety. But it got me thinking, and whenever I think up of a crazy idea, I just have to try it. So that very same night while hanging out with three girls I know at a bar we see a girl sitting by herself and ask if we can sit at her table. Turns out she was waiting for some friends that were late. I had instant comfort as I had social proof of having girls with me, so I simply bantered a bit and flirted with her as normal. When the night ended and my friends wanted to go home, I told Suzie the girl we had just met that night to walk out with us. I told her that my friends were tired and wanted to to bed but we should go to another bar.

The reason why I’m writing this post is because I want guys out there reading this to stop over thinking and stop trying to be a magical pick up artist. You’ll see how natural and basic dating, relationships and hooking up should be. Something that I wish my father, older brother or someone in my life would have taught me when I was younger but didn’t.

So far:

A – Attraction – Basic good body language, being in decent shape, decent hair cut, social proof.
A – Approach – Situational approach with wing girls.
B – Banter – Talked about what we did that day
B – Buying Temperature – Basic humor
C – Comfort – Introduced her to my female friends, talked about our home towns
C – Compliance – Got her to walk outside with us, got her to agree to go to another bar with me.


So while walking to the second bar, I decided to just go for it.

D – Direct Interest – I kino escalated just enough by going from general comfort building kino to walking with her with my hand on her lower back and.

I stopped her in he middle of the street, on the way to the second bar, looked deep in to her eyes, and asked, “Hey, would you like to go back to my place instead?”

She was a bit shocked, hesitated speechless for a few seconds, but instead of being nervous and speaking first, I just like the sexual tension build while slowly smiling and keeping eye contact. What felt like minutes later, but in reality was just a few seconds, she responded, “I wish I would have met you another day, I really have to go meet up my friend, it’s his last day in town.” Analyzing her response I realized it wasn’t a rejection, it was a maybe, so I said,

“Yeah that sucks, bad timing, how about a kiss before you leave?”

And we started kissing and making out on the street. I knew that her buying temperature was high after that and she wanted to hook up just as much as I did, so I smiled took her by her hand and started leading her back to my place. She mentioned her friend again and I said,

“Don’t worry, we’ll just hang out for a bit and you can see your friend later before the bar closes.”

I had no idea if that would be true or not. But we ended up back at my place, no last minute reservations, had sex, cuddled for a bit and that was it. She was a skinny white girl from Boston and a bit nerdy. I don’t know if the just man up and ask technique will work on every girl, but it worked for me on this particular girl that normally I most likely wouldn’t have had the chance to hook up with especially if we ended up with her friends at the second bar. So I guess the moral of this report and the reason why I’m sharing it with you guys, even though normally I like to keep my personal life and sexual life private now a days is because guys are still over complicating things. If you’re just starting out and are super nervous to approach and talk to anyone, do what you have to do to get over it. But remember that the end goal isn’t to be some cheesy pick up artist, it’s to be a natural, cool, fun guy with normal female friends that happens to get laid once in a while. Sometimes it doesn’t require game, it just requires an understanding of what girls want and need, and more importantly, the balls to just ask.

“Would you like to go home with me?” You’ll be surprised that sometimes, the answer will be “Yes.”

Warm Regards,

Johnny Wolf



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