Seven awesome self-development resources in London…

Seven awesome self-development resources in London…

What are some of the best self-development resources in London?


There’s certainly no shortage to choose from!

As someone who has lived in and around London the majority of my life and having dedicated a huge part of my life to evolving myself and optimising my potential, I can say I’ve definitely explored more than a few avenues of self-development.

Based on my experience, here are 7 awesome resources for self-development in London:

Sex – Kris Deva; Taoist Sexual Energy Master

Think you’re amazing in bed? Think again!

Most women I’ve been involved with usually complain about the sexual performances of most of their previous partners, and likely complained about my sexual to their future partners!!

What’s the top complaint? Guys have no stamina! It’s over as soon as it’s begun.


For anyone out there who has done a bit of research into cultivating and sustaining ones sexual energy, with the goal of becoming more energised and a better lover, you’ve probably come across the world renowned Taoist Sexual Master -Mantak Chia.

Mantak Chia is famous for writing books like “The Muli-Orgasmic Man” and is renowned for bringing the secrets of sexual energy practices from East to West.

Luckily for you, you don’t have to travel to the far East to work with Mantak because Kris Deva is one of Mantak’s close associates and he’s right here in London!

I’ve been working on this area for some time and have by no means mastered it, but the more control I’ve developed over my sexual energy the more ecstatic my sex life has become.

I’ve only met Kris briefly at one of his talks but I plan on doing a weekend workshop with him very soon.

You can find him here…

Kris Deva  (Excuse the 1990′s style website!)

Health – Elwin Robinson; Tonic Herbalist

If you’re looking for someone to give you some good advice on nutrition so that you can upgrade your health, look no further than local boy Elwin Robinson.

Elwin is the founder of Lion Heart Herbs, The High Energy Academy, and The Complete Detox Academy. And he’s worked with some of the biggest names in the health world, including Daniel Vitalis and David Wolfe.

You can find a wealth of information just by browsing through his Youtube channel and reading through his blog.

What I like about Elwin is that he talks about things most nutritionists and health advocates seem to omit, such as the power of breathing. And his primary focus is about getting what we all really want when we look to develop our health… more energy!

I highly recommend trying out his three primary Tonic Herbal formulas; Strength, Rejuvenate and Serenity. But if you’re really looking for dramatic results fast, or to address something specific, you can take up some direct personal coaching with Elwin.

You can find links to Elwin’s sites at…

Elwin Robinson

Exercise – Judo; The Budokwai

Sick of the gym? That’s cause it’s damn boring!

Why stand around lifting weights when you could be developing yourself in a multitude of other ways at the same time as getting ripped. I highly recommend taking up some kind of martial art.


For many of us we’ve lost our warrior spirit, and taking up a martial art can help rekindle that aspect within us whilst we get our exercise in. You’ve got karate, kick boxing, aikido, ju-jitsu and many more.

Personally, my love is Judo. If you look at the UFC and MMA world, ju-jitsu is more or less the foundation of what everything else is built around. And at the core of ju-jitsu is judo, which was actually born out of ju-jitsu.

Judo fighters are also considered to be among the top athletes, in terms of strength and fitness, in Olympic sports.

However, the benefits of judo extend far beyond health and fitness. The Israeli phycisist Moshe Feldnekrais, and founder of the Feldenkrais Method, has spoken at length about how one can increase their awareness through the movements of the body in martial arts like judo and ju-jitsu.

If you’re looking for a great judo club in London, the Budokwai is world renowned. Though, I gained my education outside of London at another world renowned judo club, Camberley JC.

You can find The Budokwai website here…


Entheogens – Rini & Noberto; Ayahuasca

Entheo-who? An entheogen is a psychoactive substance used in a religious, shamanic or spiritual context.

What do entheogens have to do with self-development? Everything! Nothing has developed me more than the use of psychedelic substances for the specific intention of healing, and not for recreation.

These plant substances have been used in this way among human beings since time immemorial.

Mushrooms of Superior Reason (otherwise known as magic mushrooms) have been used by the native people of Central America for thousands of years, as have the sacred cacti Peyote and San Pedro.

A root known as Iboga is the central part of the Bwiti religion in West Africa, and the sacred vine known as Ayahuasca is the foundation of several religions and cultures from the Amazon.

What’s available to you in the UK? Well, legally, not a lot!

However, Holland is just a stones throw away from this little island and they tend to be a little more liberal over there. Furthermore, if you live in London and you’re not making regular trips to Amsterdam, you should be.

For this reason I’m going to signpost you to Rini and Noberto who hold three day Ayahuasca ceremonies in the countryside a few hours outside of Amsterdam (as well as Brazil). Rini is Dutch and Noberto is from Brazil, having been born and raised in a culture that is fundamentally intertwined with the sacred vine.

You can hear me talk about some of my Ayahuasca experiences here.

And you can find all the details of the ceremonies here…

Ayahuasca NL

Spirituality/Meditation/Presence – Unmani; Nonduality

So if you’re into self-development I guess you meditate, right?

Me too. Everyday. It’s awesome!


However, if you’re anything like me you’ll probably find that your mind wanders from time to time and it’s pretty much impossible to completely regulate it and stay present.

Now, imagine for a second that you’re staring in the eye of an intensely present woman who will not for a second allow your mind to wander, and persists in undermining all the illusory beliefs that you have about yourself and about the world.

Now you have a little insight into what it’s like to attend a meeting with Unmani!

Meeting with Unmani is, in a sense, a much more intense and valuable meditation. Not only does it make you more present and aware, it can help you see through old belief patterns, let them go, and live with more aliveness and vitality.

And if you’re really earnest and you happen to go to one of her retreats, she might just blow your entire sense of reality away (in a good way)!

Unmani is only in London from time to time these days, you can find here schedule here…


Dating/Seduction/Pickup – Me; Authentic Man Within

You didn’t expect me to say someone else did you?

Frankly, there aren’t enough coaches out there putting out a genuinely authentic approach to meeting women and evolving true confidence and true self-esteem. This is despite the fact that everyone wants to promote the authenticity of their brand, no matter how convoluted it is!

If you’re looking to evolve towards becoming a guy who can say what he wants, how he wants to whomever he wants (as opposed to following a script), I can help!

What’s more, if you’re looking to use dating/seduction/pick-up as a tool for self-development then you have to start to express yourself authentically.

To truly evolve yourself in this area you’ll have to move closer and closer to making your external expressions directly match your internal state, in other words you’ll have to move closer and closer to 100% authenticity.

After four years of working on my coaching process, the 6 week coaching course represents the most distilled method of developing sexual confidence and all the skills required for an awesome dating/seduction/pick-up lifestyle.

Can’t afford coaching? Check out the youtube channel, heaps of new and free content coming soon. If you want me to make a video about something specific, shoot me an email at

However, just for the sake of balance, I’ll give you a recommendation that isn’t me. Check out John Cooper of The Natural Lifestyles, this man talks a lot more sense than most…

John Cooper

Everything Else –

Never heard of Where have you been!

This is your go-to resource for whatever it is that you happen to into. They have groups for dancing, running, eating, and everything in between.

If you’re looking to work on something specific and you want to find a group of like minded people to help you out, just sign up for free, do a search and join the relevant group. Job done!

This group is particularly awesome! Sorry, couldn’t resist a little more self-promotion ;-)

You can find the meetup homepage here…


Hit me up in the comments section with any awesome London based self-development recommendations you have.

Until next time, be authentic!

Want to get your dating life handled?

Sebastian-Callow-Dating-Coach-LondonSebastian Callow is a personal dating coach for men in London. Unlike other dating services he provides a practical, real-life coaching experience that actually involves meeting and interacting with women in everyday situations. Sebastian helps men develop the comfort and ease to express themselves with raw honesty. If you’re unhappy with your dating life and you’re hungry for change, the Personal Coaching Course could be exactly what you need.



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