San Francisco Bootcamp Review – $2,000 well spent?

San Francisco Bootcamp Review – $2,000 well spent?

We had 7 students total, one whom spent well over two grand flying here from Europe and paying for the bootcamp. When one of the other students (a white guy from SF) asked him how he was so fearless and did everything I said without hesitation he answered: “I spent all of this money flying here from Germany to take this program, if my mother found out I spent my college savings on this bootcamp and didn’t even do what my instructor taught me what my she think?”

It’s crazy but the students we have that have the most about of hardship, the ones that speak English as a second language, the FOBs, the guys that get the harshest rejections, are the ones that end up excelling the most. And it’s simply because of their drive. When a guy is American born and educated, has a college degree, and a decent career, when $2,000 is a lot of money but he knows he can make it back in a few months, he’s not hungry for change, his pride or ego gets in the way. But when a guy has nothing and has to fight for everything, those are the ones that tell me that the bootcamp changed their lives. Here is the review he wrote on the forums of the weekend.

I am an Asian who was always in Asia, recently I moved to Europe and I have had enough shit of the limited choices with Asian woman, I have read Johnny Wolf blog for a while and quite like his structure, I even sent him few emails before joining. He always relied my email, which makes me feel that I know he is really interested into teaching.

Johnny Wolf is such a great instructor in many ways.
– He has a great structure, he often repeats his points few time to make sure you know what we have learnt. He asked us to practice in real time so that he knows we really grab his knowledge, and able to do that in the field later in the night.

Eg. What ever he taught, he showed you a demonstration, and everyone got a chance to practice it few times, so later when we were in the club, we are not lost, we know exactly what we have to do, we have a structure to follow, not just randomly talking to chicks (which were what I used to do with NO RESULTS in the past)

Johnny even spent time to listen to every students story and teach us how to “present” them as attraction switch stories for woman! I tried in on my last day in the USA, and BOMB! It works! I can see the woman that I cold approached on the street was a bit into me after listening to those stories! EVENTUALLY, she woke up 1 hour earlier the next day just to have a coffee with me before I went to the Airport! Thanks Johnny!

– The class size is perfect with 7 all together, not too big and not too small.

Approach Coach Mike is also full of energy! When you watched him in the club, he was basically doing what he taught us. I saw many girls were laughing while he was BTing them! In the field, he often come and make sure students are doing the right things, like standing up straight, not looking like creepy etc. Oh and he is such a handsome guy too…

Wingman ERIC was the reason why I think Johnny + Mike + Eric are the best group you can get. Eric is just a calm guy in all situations, he is basically like a tutor who not only teaches you the Game, but he is really good at motivating people, I remember few times when I was down he could motivated me and bump up my energy again. Most importantly, ABC is not just about gaming, having sex with girl, I have learnt quite a few life lesson from Eric about how to be a better man, how to have a better mindset towards many things, these are very vital for our lifelong journey!

For me, I had to spend money to fly over to USA from Europe, however, the bootcamp was totally worthed it. I wish I would have joined this earlier. This bootcamp enabled me to see how many stupid mistakes I have had in the past with woman…. these are the skills you should get it earlier than later! Guys, when you think about this 10 years later, the cost of the bootcamp is NOTHING in our life, but the skills we got is EVERYTHING (almost) in my life, to have better relationship with Woman, and also, to be a better MAN, in all aspect of life!

I also in particular like the structure of the bootcamp where you get a DayGame session on the 3rd day, which will be very useful for us, I have never opned up many girls on the street before, I can’t believe I talked to more than 10 beautiful woman in just less than 2 hours. You know what? the worst thing I have received is that girls walked away, but most of the time, the girls smile and said Thank you, I can see I have made her day! That’s totally incredible! We got a chance to see how MIke and Johnny approached in the day game, they watched us and pinpoint our weakness. I doubt if there are any other bootcamps that gave you so much in just 3 days! (Lecture + 2 Nightclub field + DayGame + Life lesson)

I am glad I have met Johnny, Mike and Eric. These guys will not let you down in the bootcamp, even if you got rejection, they still bump up your state. They gave you comprehensive debrief every night. Those are very specific debrief, not just general ones! I even talked to Johnny after the bootcamp about things stuck in my mind at the moment and affecting my inner strength, he pay attention to what I said and give me advice.

MAN! this is just not a bootcamp for getting better with Woman, it’s about getting better as a Man, as a Human, to get what WE ALL DESERVED TO HAVE!

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And here is a review from a student who literally just arrived from China two months ago.

… Why stick to that f**king Asian girl who pisses you off and makes you sick all the time if you have tons of hot women out there waiting for you…

I’m a graduate student who just came to the states from China two months ago. English is not my first language. I found myself helpless in the new environment. Chinese girls here sucked… they either are not my cup of tea, or consider themselves higher than they really are. I almost ended up with hooking up with a Chinese girl next door who pissed me off all the time… I wanted to leave her, but I can’t… Who else is available for me… I don’t go to clubs or bars or parties. I am not good looking either… I even couldn’t speak so much of fluent English… I felt f**king bad about girls here in general and myself…

Never did I think that 3 days can be TRANSFORMING to one’s life. It changed my view on women and relationships, just like opening a window to another world. Johnny cares a lot about us. He was congruent, alpha, and friendly. It is INSPIRING to see him in person… Even more inspiring to see how he attracted super hot white girls in the clubs. What I like most about him is that he does what he preaches. His demo in class with Mike or Eric, our handsome coach and wingman, was 100% the same as what he did on hot chicks… Do well in the class, you will perform great in the clubs. What a promise!

Our approach coach, Mike, has a lovable character and is so much fun. He was like a magnet in the clubs: hot chicks were all over him. He knows a lot, and gives great tips. The BTs he taught just before the second night of club worked like magic. I used all of them and I kissed 3 girls that night. It felt f**king cool even when I thought about it… Eric was a super fashion guy who is ALWAYS there when you felt down about getting rejected. He also gave great advice about body language. He was so comfortable in his skin which made him a great source of support and motivation.

The bootcamp is so much fun and useful. I definitely would suggest it to anyone who wanted to have a completely different experience and wanted to be successful with hot chicks. Oh, by the way, it is also CRAZY… Something that you could be recollecting years and years later… I feel like a completely new person right now. Thanks for your teaching.

-Ming Jin

So next time you go out and have hesitation to approach a girl, or if you think you have a unique situation on why you can’t take a bootcamp, remember that you have it easy compared to these guys. Man up and make the move. The next time you see a beautiful girl and you feel the nerves holding you back, stop being a bitch and being scared of butterflies.

Warm Regards,

Johnny Wolf

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