PUA, Pick Up Artists, Naturals and Real Life vs. The Game by Neil Strauss

PUA, Pick Up Artists, Naturals and Real Life vs. The Game by Neil Strauss

After reading The Game by Neil Strauss a thousands of guys decided to become Pick Up Artists, PUAs for short. In the past I have hosted huge seminars with 300 guys in a single room, but at this very moment, I’m sitting at table with 3…these guys aren’t PUAs or Pick Up Artists.

They’re naturals. By natural, I mean even though some of them have read The Game or have watched VH1′s The Pick Up Artist, none of them have really studied it or ever joined a PUA Lair or a Pick Up Artists Forum.

However, all three guys i’m with, get laid at least once a week when they are single. But here’s the thing…what are they doing different or better than the PUAs who spend hours a day reading pua books? The short answer is, they are actually attractive to women, they spend their time and energy bettering their life and not learning tips and tricks. They’ve actually earned the success they have with women.

PUA - Pick Up Artists

Here’s how they did it: Learn from Naturals

James – In the 2 months I’ve been hanging out with this everyday, he’s had sex with an average of three new girls per week.

Nate – I’ve known him for years and he always has a hot girlfriend.

Tony – Just broke up with his long term girlfriend and immediately slept with two new girls this month.

Both James and Nate are tall good looking white guys and both are in great shape. They’ve both natural alpha males and make quite a bit of money. It’s easy to say that those are the only reasons why they get the amount of success with girls as they do. But let’s break it down a bit further so we can learn from it and not just walk away thinking, “oh well, that’s too bad.”

James wasn’t always in great shape, he used to be fat, and he wasn’t always rich, in fact, he never went to college and used to work at a supermarket. He consciously decided to model and follow in the footsteps of successful people. He started doing CrossFit a few years ago and stopped eating all wheat and most carbs. Now he owns his own business makes well over $100k a year, travels around the world partying, staying in hotel suites and meeting girls. So what can we learn from James?

Tip #1 – Find people who are already successful, model them and do exactly what they did to become successful.

Tip #2 – Get in great shape by changing your diet and working on consistently with tough training like CrossFit.

Tip #3 – Become wealthy and live an attractive lifestyle.

pua attractive pick up

Nate is a funny guy, he has the highest sex drive of any guy I’ve ever met and if he doesn’t get laid at least once a week he starts going really crazy and comes off as desperate. Even though he’s still as good looking, funny, wealthy and in the same shape as James, he repels girls by coming on too strong. But when he’s getting laid regularly, girls love him. So what can we learn from Nate?

Tip #1 – The stench of desperation kills even the most attractive guy.

Tip #2 – Always have a social circle of girls in your life so you never become lonely.

Tip #3 – Never let your sex drive be your #1 priority.

Last we have Tony. He’s the only guy in the group that’s not currently in shape. He’s also the shortest of the bunch. But he has a few things going for him that girls are attracted to. First, he’s a really cool guy to be around, he’s very genuine, fun to go out with and he has his own business and makes a ton of money. He never flashes his money like James does, but he always has enough to live in decent apartments, and go out for nice nights out. The reason why he gets girls is because he never comes off as sleazy, desperate or try hard. Three things we can learn from Tony.

Tip #1 – Be Genuine, girls can smell a fake guy from a mile away.

Tip #2 – It’s good to have a successful business and a lot of money, yet you don’t need to flash it.

Tip #3 – You can still get girls even if you’re not in shape, but it’s good to work towards it.

pua rich guys

So what about PUAs, Pick Up Artists, Naturals verses The Game by Neil Strauss?

The truth is, way too many guys in the PUA community try to learn tips and tricks to get girls and get laid instead of putting in the work to do the things that we all know works. There are a thousand other things that you may need to work on to become attractive to girls. You might need to work on your body language, kino, approach, story telling, comfort, kiss close, dhv, open, close, day 2, etc. But when it comes down to it, that’s really 20%, and PUAs are focusing 100% of their energy trying to master this 20%. Instead, you should be spending the majority of your time mastering the 80% which is really simple, get in decent shape and build a business that you can be proud of, make a lot of money, be your own boss and design it in a way where you control your freedom and lifestyle. Learning the 20% is easy, you can literally do that in a 3 day bootcamp. Which is why when I get guys who are already successful with money and in decent shape, I have a 100% success rate of transforming them into attractive men and get them tons of girls.

Take control of your lives, focus on what’s important first. And learn from naturals. That’s it.

Warm Regards,

Johnny Wolf
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