Positive Hobbies to build an Attractive Lifestyle – Plus things you are wasting your time doing.

Positive Hobbies to build an Attractive Lifestyle – Plus things you are wasting your time doing.

Someone asked me on Facebook today what are some Positive Hobbies that you can have that will actually attract women in your life and make your lifestyle more attractive, and what are some things that you shouldn’t be wasting your time doing.

Hobbies and your career are going to take up the majority of your time, so why not make the most of it by making sure they fit your model for an Attractive Lifestyle that will involve beautiful women.

Here’s a list of hobbies that most guys spent their time on:

Cars – Researching, planning, buying, racing, fixing up.
Motorcycles – Riding, Racing, or Dreaming
MMORPGs – Massively multiplayer online role-playing game
Other Video Games –
Facebook –
Twitter –
Blogging –
Online Forums –
Online Dating Sites –
Studying Game –
Reading Books about Game –
Watching Videos about Game –
Drinking Beer –
Smoking Weed –
Watching Sports –
Gaming –
Watching Online Porn –
Going to the Gym –
Eating at Restaurants –
Researching what new Restaurants to Try –
Watching Movies or TV shows


Now look at that above list, most likely you spend a lot of your free time doing those things. Now ask yourself, really ask yourself, is that the best investment of my time? Does it support my ultimate goal of building an attractive lifestyle that is filled with beautiful women?

Hobbies that Support the Attractive Lifestyle Model –

Fitness – Examples CrossFit, Triathlon Team, Co-Ed Sports Team, etc.
The difference between the above examples and “going to the gym” is first you are joining a team or community and not just a random gym chain such as 24 Hour Fitness. You will dedicate and really be pushed to get in the best shape of your life, making your more physically attractive. And you will be in a community of attractive, fit girls, an instant social circle.

Beach Volleyball, Co-Ed Sports – Being good at these games, sports, and co-ed hobbies where you can meet new girls and invite attractive girls along to do are a good use of your time.

Mastering a Skill to Teach – If your hobby is something that you can instruct or teach after you’ve mastered it and at least 40% of your students will be attractive women, then it is worth spending your time mastering. Examples would be Kite Surfing, Surfing, Paddle Boarding, Music, Massage, Personal Trainer, Acting, etc. Bad examples would be things where your students will be mostly guys.

Competition – Even if your skill is MMA, Boxing, Muay Thai or something else that mainly men train, as long as women actively watch the sport and competitions or by doing so makes you more alpha, dominate and attractive, then it is worth mastering. Unfortunately as much as I love Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, due to the fact it is not a spectator sport, doesn’t have the sexy factor of boxing/muay thai/mma, and most students are male, it’s not a good sport to dedicate your life to in terms of attracting women. It’s still good to learn and get in shape with, but something like MMA would be much more attractive.

Natural Health, Pilates, Yoga, Paleo Diet, etc – If you are really into something that attractive women happen to be interested in as well and you go to events, conventions and meetups for, it’s very easy to have something in common and a reason to hang out. Free Yoga classes at 24 hr fitness is a poor place to meet women, but a Yoga Studio that is dedicated to just that is a fantastic place to meet women as it is more of a community and not just a quick workout to bang out and go home.

yoga-hot girl

Other Attractive Hobbies – I’m going to leave this open for your ideas in the comments section mainly because I can’t think of anymore right now. I used the last example yesterday to meet a beautiful girl that I ended up spending the night with yesterday but didn’t get much sleep and I have another date in half an hour so I need to take a quick power nap. But I might update this later when I think of some more things.

Until then,

Johnny Wolf
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