Pick Up Artist Bootcamps – Real Life Changing Results vs. Rip Offs

Pick Up Artist Bootcamps – Real Life Changing Results vs. Rip Offs

There is a lot of discussion on line about whether or not pick up artist bootcamps work. I actually hate the term “Pick Up Artist Bootcamp” as that no longer described what we the program is about. More appropriately it would be called Basic Lifestyle Skills for Attractive Confident Men, things that your older brother and father should have taught you but didn’t.

I’ve heard and see both sides and having been a PUA Bootcamp instructor for the past five years I have both inside knowledge and my own personal experience. It’s confusing because sometimes you’ll meet a guy who says the bootcamp changed his life and it was the best money he ever spent, while a lot of people online say they are a rip off. If you want to know the truth behind pick up artist bootcamps here it is:

The Pick up Artist Bootcamp Rip Off:

If a company advertises anything less than 3 days and 2 nights of in field, in person training, it is not a bootcamp and it is a rip off. Examples would be, if a PUA Company or random guy advertises a special 1 day PUA Bootcamp, it is bullshit because it is impossible to learn everything you need to learn in one day.

If the PUA Bootcamp is Seminar Only or in-Field only, it is not a bootcamp. The reason why bootcamps work is the instructor teaches you hands on in a safe, quite environment exactly what to do. Then they take you out in field and have you actually do it. You need both parts, either one by itself is incomplete.

The instructor needs to DEMO and do what he teaches. If your instructor doesn’t demo, for any reason, he’s full of shit. Even if he demos and fails half of the time but keeps going and shows you how to get over the rejection and move on, that is a million times better than an instructor that gives you bullshit excuses why he doesn’t demo.

If a Bootcamp is free, you get what you pay for. Personally I know how much stress and mental energy it takes to teach a bootcamp. Anyone willing to teach one for free or for less than $1,000 for a full weekend, (8 hours a day, 3 days) is doing so because they know what they have to offer isn’t worth anything.

pick up artist bootcamp

My promise to my students has anyways been the following and I stick to it:

I will only teach you things that I personally have used, currently use and work with high success. I won’t have you be my guinea pigs and I practice what I preach.

I will rebuild your foundation and make sure you leave with all the skills you need to continue your journey. I’m not simply going to wing you, hype you up, pump up your state and have you do well while I’m around.

I will only teach as many students per bootcamp as I can comfortably give 1 on 1 personal time to. As tempting as it is to have 15 students per bootcamp, I know that anything over 6 will leave half of the students without personal attention. I will schedule bootcamps and close them off if they get too big.

I will only teach bootcamps as long as I genuinely care about the students success. Anytime I start feeling burnt out, I take a break from teaching, that way I’m always excited to teach and transform lives. I will never do it just for the money.

If you want to schedule a 1 on 1 anywhere in the world or find out when I’ll be in the U.S. next, email Sarah at support@abcsofattraction.com for more information.

If you’re not already, be my friend at www.facebook.com/theJohnnyWolf

Warm Regards and all the best,

Johnny Wolf
The PUA Bootcamp Instructor that actually cares about your success as a Man.



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