Photos of Hot Girls – Motivation or Ruining your life?

Photos of Hot Girls – Motivation or Ruining your life?

Often I find myself watching pointless Youtube videos just because the screen shot was of a hot girl. I’m sure it’s something that most guys do. Take a look at the following photos for a second…(like I had to really ask.) Crap I just wasted 20 minutes googling “hot chicks” to find these photos. Stay with me for a second.


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imagine acheive succeed

Every guy enjoys seeing photos of hot chicks, it’s in our DNA and there’s nothing wrong with it. But is it fucking up our expectations and priorities? In the last photo when you read Imagine with all of your mind, Believe with all of your heart, Achieve with all of your might. How many of you were thinking, hell yeah I’m going to believe that I can fuck a girl like that and achieve it! How many of you missed the entire point of that photo all together? It’s really an advert for six pack factory which is a workout website. The problem with 99% of guys in the pick up community is that they want something for nothing. They want to hook up with girls out of their league by figuring out the tips and tricks to attract and seduce them. I’m not going to lie, I would love to drive a Ferrari and have a hot model girlfriend. But luckily I’ve been through enough in this lifetime to know that neither will really made me happy, and neither is worth begging, burrowing, cheating or stealing to obtain.

“For every hot chick in the world, there is a guy who is tired of fucking her.”

I didn’t believe that statement for a long time. But now I do, 100%. You might not be at a point of your life where you believe it either, and your focus and drive is to fuck as many hot girls as possible. I’m not going to try to change your mind because I know what when that was my focus, nothing else mattered. Go and do it, but try not to lose yourself, your character or integrity along the way. When that was my goal, I tried everything and would have done almost anything, I tried to get a job as security at a strip club, as a driver for an escort service, you name it. If it got me closer to hot girls, and gave me an edge, I would have done it and I know that’s why most guys become pick up artists. My advice now, go do what you have to do but at the end of the day, stop chasing shit that doesn’t really matter in the first place. Short cuts, gimmicks and tricks sometimes work, but so does just being in the right place at the right time and having the balls to pull the trigger. Delusional confidence and douche bag confidence also work in this crazy world. But honestly, there is no substitution for genuine hard work through character building trials, working out to physically become attractive, and building a fun and attractive lifestyle.

Good luck wherever you are in your journey.

Warm Regards,

Johnny Wolf

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