Photos and Review from the Full Moon Party Bootcamp in Thailand

Photos and Review from the Full Moon Party Bootcamp in Thailand

What’s up everyone, bro, I just got back from the craziest bootcamp ever. Actually, every Full Moon Party bootcamp I’ve ever taught has been crazy so it was kind of expected. Here are some photos and a review that Justin my 1 on 1 student wrote up on the forums.

Review originally posted on the forums:

I rarely ever write reviews, but after taking the Full Moon boot camp with Johnny Wolf, I feel compelled to share this transformational experience.
I had just got divorced and am a 34 year old white Australian guy of average appearance. I flirted with a boot camp previously but wouldn’t pull the trigger.
I then came across the ABCs and the simplicity struck me, after digging a little deeper I read about the full moon party with Johnny Wolf and said, fuck it- I have to learn the skills of pickup, and what better way to do it at one of the best beach parties in the world!

I had some reservations about attending a 1 on 1 bootcamp (there is nowhere to hide☺ )until I met Johnny…here was a guy that displayed a calming level of confidence and has transformed his life into something really special.

The “classroom sessions” were clear, logical and blended simulating learning with real life stories of Johnny’s experience and my previous experience with women. We moved at a good pace and I felt really comfortable in asking questions

The field component really enhanced the learning’s as the layout of the beach party was incredible. There were so many beautiful woman, that I felt oddly calm about screwing up. Johnny open sets with a clear intent to help me understand the concepts and included me in conversation with some amazing woman that I would never approach. I got the confidence to approach several sets and got into some interesting situations, kissed two girls and ending with a 2am swim with a smoking hot girl from New York.

After working with him on the first night, I felt the “penny drop” and day 2 classroom further emphasised how simple this is, and how the basics of the ABC theory really works

Day 2 in the field was even easier, we chatted to 10 or so sets and I got to test my new skills to varying success, it was so clear on what I was doing wrong (staying too long in B & C and not taking chances). After a few tweaks with Johnny I was hooking up with a Danish girl and feeling really confident in all my interactions with women.

Day 3 tied all the theory and feedback together and it was then I felt truly relaxed about the social skills and what beautiful women want from us guys, we tend to overcomplicate it and that totally messes us up.
I ended Day 3 with a stunning Japanese girl in my bed and it felt really easy getting her there. I just followed Johnny’s blueprint and his feedback in the field was precise, timely, and extremely effective.

If you are reading this far, throw caution to the wind and sign up to a boot camp. I regret waiting this long, and have continued my new game in the last few days when I arrived home. Do yourself a favout- stop wasting time over thinking Game and tighten yours up with Johnny Wolf in one of the most magical parties in the world!.

-Justin, aka TheEyeGuy

If you’re ready to sign up, go ahead and put down the deposit of $1,500US here. It’ll be 100% refundable until plane tickets are booked, it’s just a way to know you’re serious so that we can start making plans.

The student is responsible for your own travel and hotel, plus your instructors local flight and hotel. But it’ll be worth it!

Warm Regards,

Johnny Wolf

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