Month2 Update – It’s Working.

Month2 Update – It’s Working.

It’s been exactly one month since my last update and I know that some of you have jumped on board with the experiment and are getting closer to being Rich, Fit and Confident. If you haven’t, it’s not too late. The worse thing that you can do is put it off another month, then another.

I have finally figured out “the game” – but not just with picking up women, but the game of life. Here is the update.

Fitness – In the past month I’ve been to two weddings, a baby shower and traveled from San Francisco down to LA, San Diego, over to New York and back to San Francisco. But with the diet, dropping into CrossFit gyms whenever I can, and working out on my own I’ve been able to maintain all of my lean muscle. It feels great to be in shape and I couldn’t have done it without the experiment I started just a few months ago.

Johnny Paleo

Confidence – I haven’t been actively trying to date or pick up, but I’ve been hanging out with a really cute French girl I met while in New York. Being in good shape, having tons of energy and overall being in a great mood all of the time and wanting to do fun things and explore has been all of the attraction “game” I’ve needed. I also attended William’s wedding as one of his groomsman and was honored to see one of my bootcamp students get married! This pick up game really has evolved since I started teaching in 2007.

If you are still struggling with meeting and attracting women, just do what Will did. He took a bootcamp to learn the basics, then he focused on practicing regularly while improving the other natural attractive parts of his life. He emailed me a long update every three months after the bootcamp detailing his progress, from working out, eating healthy, to developing interesting hobbies, and continuing to build his social circle through board game night as his apartment once a week. Now he’s happily married to an awesome girl that he choose to be with. Best of all, when he told her that he had to take a bootcamp to learn how to be good with women, she was totally fine with it because she loved the man he is today and was grateful for whatever steps he needed to take to become to fun, confident guy he is now.


Wealth: One month ago I made back double what I initially invested in building my online business. Today, I am extremely happy to announce that I have completely replaced my normal 9-5 income. Best of all this has allowed me to have the financial freedom to travel wherever I want while working from my laptop just a few hours a day. I’m going to continue to work on and grow my business and start new ones in different niches while traveling, and I’m actually enjoying it. If I was happy with the current progress I could just go into maintenance mode, hire a virtual assistant, and work less than 20 minutes a day. But I actually don’t mind spending 2-3 hours a day because I can do it from wherever I want and it’s been fun. It’s almost like a video game but with real money.

In the past month I have surpassed my expectations and goals, and am well on my way to complete financial freedom. If you’ve been following my blog for the past couple months, I’ve been following Anton’s Commerce Course and Shopify and it worked.

Screen Shot 2013-09-11 at 4

Read the original post: 3 Steps to Becoming Rich, Fit and Confident for more information on how I did it.

Let me know your progress, my goal is for everyone who has been going through the same struggles as me to finally just take control of our lives, and make our own destiny.

My goals for the next year:

1. Continue to grow my current e-Commerce store to double profits.
2. Start two more stores in different niches to diversify income.
3. Automate the three stores by hiring virtual assistants to free up my time.
4. Move to Europe by next summer and experience the culture and women there.

Who wants to join me? Leave a comment and let me know that you’re in.

Warm Regards,

Johnny Wolf
Keep in touch.



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