Logistics Gets You Laid. Why You Should Have a Rooftop Pool.

Logistics Gets You Laid.  Why You Should Have a Rooftop Pool.

There are a lot of things I’ve always known work, but I knew I didn’t have it, and most likely wouldn’t be able to obtain it. These things included having six pack abs, being in incredible shape, being rich, and having an amazing house with a rooftop pool. One of my natural friends had all of it, and he got laid more than any guy I’ve ever met. His entire “game” was hanging out, having fun with the boys, and at the end of the night asking the girl he wanted to hook up with if she wanted to go for a swim on his roof top pool.

It worked, almost 100% of the time. I know it worked because I saw it first hand, and the first time I went to his apartment, I myself was impressed. I could imagine what it would be like for a girl to come over, throw her purse down and want to look around the place, check out the view, pour herself a drink from the bar, and spend the night there.

Swimming Pool Pull

I asked my buddy how often he would even go up to the pool, and he said, “Not even once.” Just the fact that he had one was enough reason for girls to have an excuse to come over, but once they got there, they just wanted to have sex. Game gives you opportunities, get logistics is what gets you laid.

If a girl is willing to go home with you from a bar to go swim in your roof, she most likely is comfortable enough to spend the night. And once you get back to your apartment, if it’s clean, nice and looks like a place that she would want to spend the night then you’re in. Now the problem here is:

What if you don’t have a baller place with a roof top pool?

I said these exact words to my friend, and he simply replied, ‘Ask yourself how you can afford it.’

Sept Screen Shot

Two months ago, I began my “Rich Fit and Confident Experiment.” Today I did my accounting for September and ended up with over $20K in Revenue for the month. The best part of it was that I was able to build the business from my laptop, all while traveling. Last night I booked a month’s stay at one of the nicest hotels I’ve ever seen. I did it for a variety of reasons. First it was to celebrate my financial independence from ever having to work an 8-5 job again, and second it is so I can get a taste of the type of place I want to live in all of the time.

By starting my E-Commerce business using Anton’s method just a few months ago, I’ve always made back 10x what I’ve initially invested in it and will continue to grow my business and replicate it into different niches.

When it comes down to it, you don’t need a roof top pool to pull girls. You don’t need to be in shape or be attractive. But it makes you life a million times easier when you do have it all. It’s also easily obtainable. Instead of spending years looking for shortcuts on how to trick girls into being attracted to you, why not just follow the experiment and actually become Rich, Fit and Confident?

Warm Regards,

Johnny Wolf
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