Johnny Wolf is now “rich”, decently-fit, and Confident. – 6 month progress.

Johnny Wolf is now “rich”, decently-fit, and Confident. – 6 month progress.

Hey guys, I wanted to give everyone an updated on the Rich, Fit and Confident experiment. It’s been 6 months since I started and things have drastically changed for the better. Six months ago I was out of shape, living as cheaply as possible, and honestly not too happy about where I was in life. I was sick of tricking myself into being confident and tricking girls into sleeping with me. It was a lot of work but more importantly, I wanted to honest with myself and to the girls in my life.

Pick up and PUA tactics work to a certain degree, but a lot of it is playing the odds, opening tons of sets and going out every night trying to get laid. I was sick of it all and wanted to completely change my life for the better.

I decided to spend an entire year focusing on building my life correctly and my goal was to become Rich, Fit and Confident by July 2014.

Here where I started out just a few months ago:

Fitness: Although I was working out close to 6 days a week doing Muay Thai, I was out of shape. I was still able to use fashion, confidence and game to attract girls, but at the end of the day, it wasn’t authentic. I decided to get into shape and make the attraction stage, genuine and automatic.


Wealth: I was down to less than $200 in my bank account with no real source of income. I didn’t want to teach scuba diving or pick up full time anymore because both are very stressful and at time frustrating professions. I found myself looking how to live as cheap as possible, and dreaded the thought of looking for another 9-5 job. I decided that I wanted to build an online business and have the freedom to be able to work wherever I wanted to in the world from my laptop.

Johnny Checking June Screen Shot 2013-10-26 at 1

The Six Month Update:
I almost can’t believe how different my life has become in just six months after deciding to start the experiment. I sincerely hope that a lot of you reading this has started as well and hasn’t simply wasted half a year waiting around and hoping things will magically improve on their own.

Fitness: In the past six months I have gotten in the best shape of my life. I was on target to reach a six pack by July 2014 but most importantly, I feel great everyday. I have so much energy and am always in a fantastic mood. Girls are loving both my vibe, energy as well as a lean muscular body.


Wealth: I am extremely happy to announce that I’ve already hit my July 2014 goals after only six months! It took me two months to setup my online business before making my first sale, but since then it has been growing at a very consistent rate and has already given me the freedom to basically do whatever I want while traveling around. It feels amazing to be able to be generous with my friends and buy the things that I know are the best without worrying about money.

It wasn’t easy, but I simply followed the steps in Anton’s training course and used Shopify for the backend and it worked.

Johnny Screen Shot 2013-10-26 at 5

Johnny Chase October Screen Shot 2013-10-26 at 12

Even after paying off all of my credit cards I was still left with over $15k in my bank just from the past few months of starting my store. It’s insane to think that when I started this experiment I had less than $200 in my bank account, was living in a shitty shared apartment and was trying to live as frugally as possible.

Confidence and Women:

I originally started the Rich, Fit and Confident Experiment to make it easier to attract women. But what I’ve gotten out of it already has been worth a million times more. Its given me more freedom, happiness and natural charisma and confidence in all aspects of my life. And even though I purposely stayed away from gaming girls during the experiment both my social and my sex life has become better than ever.

Now I have a bunch of beautiful, cool girls in my social circle and whenever I meet new girls, they are naturally attracted with my genuine personality. The fact that I am getting in great shape, am always full of energy and in a good mood, makes girls want to hang out with me. Last night I met a beautiful white girl though some friends and totally hit it off with her. I was in a genuine good mood and enjoyed talking to her and getting to know her. Without any tactics, techniques or game, aside from the understanding of logistics, where I am in the interaction and how to confidently make a move when she gives me the opportunity. She ended up coming back to my place and there was zero last minute reservations because she was as attracted to me as I was to her. We ended up having sex twice last night and once again this morning, it was incredible.

So there we have it, six months in and it’s already working. I highly encourage everyone reading this to stop wasting your time trying to become a pick up artist. Stop watching videos, reading books, and wasting your time on PUA forums. Just admit that it will take a lot of hard work, but at the end of the day, if you are wealthy and in control of your own business, you are in great shape and have tons of energy, you will naturally become confident, in a good mood and a joy to be around, thus making you attractive. It’s really that simple. Stop trying to manipulate women, just give them what they want and become the genuinely attractive guy that they dream of.

Resources that helped change my life:

Health/Diet: Bulletproof Diet
Fitness/Exercise: CrossFit
Starting an online business: Anton’s training course
eCommerce Store: Shopify
More info: Three steps to becoming Rich, Fit and Confident

Take care everyone and I sincerely hope that this information changes you life as much as it has mine.

Warm Regards,

Johnny Wolf

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