How to Dance in a Club – Dance Floor Game

How to Dance in a Club – Dance Floor Game

Rule #1 – If you can’t dance, don’t dance.

There are plenty of guys that meet girls at bars and clubs that never dance. Heck, there are plenty of guys that end up marrying a girl still not knowing how to dance. Just avoid the dance floor, and meet girls near the bar or the smoking area instead. Or better yet, avoid loud dance clubs and stick to bars.

Rule #2 – Learn to dance properly.

Learning to dance is a good life skill to have and it is a very attractive quality. Girls can tell a lot about you, how confident you are, how good you are in bed, all these things by the way you dance. Plus it’s fun for both you and the girl which is a great BT, buying temperature spike. It’s also a great excuse to get a girl away from her friends.

But if you are going to learn how to dance, learn properly. I used to be a cheap ass and wanted to learn everything on my own, but I’ve realized that it is so much better to learn from a pro. Personally, I never spent more than $100 on dance classes but even then, those lessons helped me more than years of doing it on my own. See if there are classes for about $20-$30 a lesson and just go to it every other week for a few months. Go there to learn the foundations and then practice on your own. You can learn Salsa, Hip Hop, or whatever you want, learning rhythm will help you in all different dance styles anyways.

But for now, since I know a lot of you will attempt to do it on your own anyways. Here is a good video I found. At first I thought it was a joke and that she was putting on an accent, but it’s actually a good video.


Rule #3 – Do it for fun, don’t invest too much time or money in it.

Another problem guys have is that they think there are magic bullets in the world. There isn’t. Learn to dance for fun, do not waste years of your life thinking that if you perfect it that it’ll get you girls. I know a lot of guys that only do Salsa Club game, because they have spent so many years trying to get good at Salsa and think it’s the only place they can meet girls. Don’t be one of those guys, fuck the social structure of your Salsa club. Even if you practice for years you will not be the best dance at a Salsa club, but if you know even the basics, you will be the best dancer at a normal club since you might be the only guy there that knows any moves at all.

The goal isn’t to impress girls with being a fantastic dancer. It’s to add another life skill to your arsenal and start having fun when you are out at clubs. That in itself is attractive. Think about it. What is more attractive, the guy standing around like a creep staring at girls, or the one on the dance floor having fun and then approaching a girl once in a while.

Good luck.



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