Get a Girlfriend by Being a Great Catch. Latest Pick Up Artist Tactic!

Get a Girlfriend by Being a Great Catch.  Latest Pick Up Artist Tactic!

I don’t talk about dating, pick up, or relationships much but I know a lot of guys that read this blog are still in the mindset of wanting to be a pick up artist or sleep with a ton of hot girls.

Well here’s the latest PUA Tactic, and this one will guarantee to get you laid. It’s called being a great catch and actually being attractive.

Ever since I got my act together and stopped trying to take shortcuts in life and with meeting women, I’ve hooked up with more beautiful girls than I would care to brag about. But I also know that deep down inside, most guys just want one really amazing girlfriend. As much fun as it is to hook up with a new girl every week, and date multiple girls at once, the end goal really is to find, meet, attract and keep the girl that makes you happy and that you want to see exclusively.


So what’s the tactic?

Instead of wasting time learning openers, routines and other gimmicks to pick up girls, instead figure out what girls are already attracted to and just become that.

This is why I started the Rich, Fit and Confident Experiment. Has it worked? Fuck yeah. Was it easy? Not really, it took a lot of dedication, time, and commitment but was it worth it? More than you know.

Here’s the crazy thing about girls. If you want to attract the one perfect girl…you have to focus on attracting a lot of girls. The rich get richer, the poor get poorer. When girls know you have choice, they pounce. It’s ridiculous and girls won’t admit to it, but it’s true. Girls say they hate guys who date around, but in reality, girls go after guys who are already seeing other girls all of the time. Is it fair? It is logitical? Who cares. We’re not here to argue, just face the fact that the single, lonley, desperate guy never gets laid.

While instead if you have options, you’ll get more options. The best way to have options? Become universally attractive. What is universally attractive? Channing Tatum from 21 Jump Street, Magic Mike and Step Up.


How can you look like Channing?

Follow the experiment and eat strict Paleo, do CrossFit, and get in good shape. You don’t need to become huge, or dedicate your life to it, just get in good enough shape where you are attractive.

You don’t need to become famous, but do things in life that make you a leader. Complete a Tough Mudder race, start a company and become successful in your small business. Travel, see the world. Become interesting.

Really look in the mirror and ask yourself, if you were the type of girl you are going after, would you date yourself? Be honest, and if it’s no, then work on yourself. I took 8 months off of dating to focus on myself and who I wanted to be before I went to a bar. And did it work? Yes, 1 million percent. Now I can just be myself, be genuine, honest and naturally attractive. When I’m out, I’m in a good mood, I’m full of energy, I’m genuinely enjoying the company of my friends and I’m condident to go after what I want when I meet a girl that I like.

That’s it. That’s the tactic. It’s up to you if you want to use it or waste another 6 months of your life looking for shortcuts.

-Johnny Wolf

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