Five steps toward creating an ecosystem for success…

Five steps toward creating an ecosystem for success…

An ecosystem is typically defined as a community of living organisms, like plants and animals, in conjunction with nonliving components, like air and water, that interact as one system. All parts are said to be linked together through a flow of energy.

Ecosystem for success

When an organism is in its natural ecosystem it will thrive to it’s fullest potential in achieving its goals of survival and replication. When it isn’t it will suffer and die.

If you want to thrive to your fullest potential, in your work and with women, you need to create an ecosystem that fully supports your goals. If you don’t your goals will never flourish, you will suffer and your goals will die a slow death. And ultimately, you will die a slow death too, unsatisfied and unfulfilled.

What makes for a great ecosystem when it comes to achieving success with work and women?

Want success with women?

Here’s my shortlist of fundamental factors to have in place:

The right peers

If you’re a guy who’s never approached a woman and you exclusively hang around with other guys who’ve never approached a woman, guess what? You never approaching women is all the more likely to continue!

Equally, if you want to start your own business but all your friends think that’s a foolish idea and prefer to stay in the safety of their remedial jobs, then you’re all alone and likely to struggle because of it.

Having some peers that share a similar vision of what they’d like to achieve is absolutely critical. It provides you with a team to work with and share experiences, struggles, success stories, advice and support. This exchange of energy revitalises you at every step of the way, making sure you don’t fall by the wayside.

Often this means spending less time with your old social circle of friends, and this is something which a lot of people are afraid to do. However, if you really want to broaden your horizons you must gravitate towards people who dream as big as you do. An inability to gravitate away from what’s holding you back and toward a supportive social circle will cripple you.

Sometimes it might feel a little cold to spend less and less time with your old school friends, but it’s absolutely not. If you allow yourself to grow naturally and uninhibited you’ll find that at different times in your life you naturally gravitate towards different peers who totally support in you in whatever you’re doing.

Make an effort to seek out people who share similar goals. They’re never as difficult to find as you might imagine.

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” -Jim Rohn


Just as animals within an ecosystem often need their parents to teach them how to hunt and gather, so too is it advisable for you to find yourself some mentors who know how to do what you want to achieve. In your case this probably won’t be your parents, unless you’re following a very similar life path.

Never before have there been more coaches, teachers and speakers out there advertising their services on the internet. If you’re going to go down the route of hiring someone, try to get a recommendation or read some reviews on the person in question first. If that person is putting out regular content on the internet that really resonates with you, all the better.

However, if you don’t have the cash to pay a professional, simply hunt down someone who can help. Often there is already someone you know who is capable of doing exactly what you want to achieve. Take for example the goal of becoming more successful with women, chances are that you already know someone who has the level of success you desire.

Go to him and offer him something in return for a little mentoring, whatever skills you have that he might benefit from, and be complimentary about why you’d like his help. This exchange of energy is exactly how organisms benefit each other in an ecosystem.

If you’re looking to achieve something a little more abstract and you don’t know someone directly, be resourceful and seek them out. Use the internet to track them down and give them a viable reason to meet with you. Resourcefulness and persistence will get you a long way towards meeting the people who can give you advice and guidance.

Sources of Inspiration

The plants in an ecosystem feed themselves on sunshine, it inspires them to grow upward and outward. If you want to do the same you’re going to need some inspiration of your own, and just like good mentors there is plenty of inspiration out there.

Never before has there been more inspiring literature and motivational videos available in books or on the internet, and a whole lot of it is absolutely free. Day-in and day-out you should be drip feeding yourself on great books. There’s absolutely no reason why you can’t read one new book a week that can inspire and advise you in whatever field you’re attempting to succeed in.

The most successful guys I know read and read and read, and constantly have new information and new angles to look at and solve their problems with. On top of books, there are some great blogs out there (like this one :-) ), and youtube is full of incredible videos to aid you in achieving whatever you so choose.

Just make sure that you don’t waste your time getting sucked into reading and watching videos simply for entertainment value. Granted, there is a time and a place for entertainment, but don’t get lost in entertaining yourself when you’ve planned to take decisive action to inspire and educate yourself.

Pick and choose your information carefully and without distraction, and it will serve to keep you motivated, on top and full of solutions.

A vision and a purpose

When the flowers sprout through the earth they know innately that they are to grow upward and blossom so that the bees may feast on their nectar. Your vision needs to be just this clear. You need to know exactly what you’re going to do and how that is going to benefit your environment.

If your aim is to get a girlfriend you should have a very clear idea of exactly how you’ll do that, what you’ll bring to that relationship and how that woman will benefit from being with you. Equally, if you want to start a business you must have a very clear business plan, an idea of just what that business will offer and what rewards your clients will reap by investing in your products and services.

Once you’re clear about your purpose and how you’ll achieve it you must visualise the end result again and again until it becomes absolutely inherent. Just as the budding of a flower is inherent in the flowers character even in it’s early growth, so too should your end goal be inherent in you even as you are just beginning to strive for it.

Not a day should go by where you don’t visualise the end result, what it will look like, what it will feel like and how it will positively impact others in the environment. This visualisation process makes your end goal an enevitability rather than a possibility, and helps to turn stumbling blocks into stepping stones en-route to your destination.

The right habits

In order for an ecosystem to function efficiently, the right habits must be in place so that the components of the system can transform energy in a way that achieves optimisation. In order for the plants to absorb the energy from the sunlight they must perform photosynthesis.

So too is it important for you to employ the right habits to make sure that you can benefit most from your peer group, your mentors, your sources of inspiration and your vision. The right habits for you to employ include a good diet, plenty of rest, and regular exercise. Without these it will be very difficult for you to assimilate any of the benefits of your ecosystem.

This means eating food that provides sustained energy, taking a little time off to relax and have fun, sleeping well, and getting enough exercise so that your body is durable and able to perform at an optimal level. By taking care of these basic requirements you will function just as you’re capable of.

Employing these habits means you will be able to make the most of associating with your peers and sharing your experiences, you’ll absorb the maximum amount of information from your mentors, you’ll feel the full invigorating energy of your sources of inspiration, and your vision will be absolutely clear and concise.

There you have it, 5 key factors for providing an ecosystem of success. Do you have these areas taken care of?

Remember, a flower will not grow in the in the arctic. It needs sun, water and good soil to begin to blossom. And so too do you need the right energy and environment to thrive to your fullest potential.

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