2014 Full Moon Party Bootcamp Review

2014 Full Moon Party Bootcamp Review

Hey guys, I’m getting ready to do my last Full Moon Party Bootcamp and am EXCITED. It’s such a great time, tons of fun and most importantly it’s a fantastic place to teach a bootcamp. Perfect timing as the 1 on 1 student from January just posted a review, check it out!

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Review from A.S. Originally posted here.

“I just got back from Johnny Wolf’s 1-on-1 Full Moon Party Bootcamp in Thailand. I had an amazing time over there and it was definitely worth the travel and time to come all the way to Thailand. I don’t normally write reviews but I really want to write a great review about Johnny Wolf’s 1-on-1 Full Moon bootcamp in Thailand.

I’m 31 years old from California who has some experience in the pick-up community, but want to improve to naturally attract more attractive women. I previously taken the ABC group bootcamp more than 2 years ago in San Francisco and I decided to do the 1-on-1 bootcamp with Johnny to get personal 1-on-1 coaching from the best to improve my game. I’ve been following Johnny for quite some time from his blog and videos. I know he’s more real and genuine compared to most instructors out in the PUA community. His purpose and focus of helping other to become a better man who naturally attracts woman through his genuine characteristic and lifestyle really caught my attention. Therefore, I decided to fly all the way over to Thailand to do 1-on-1 bootcamp from Johnny at the wildest beach party in the world.

On Day 1, Johnny went over the Approach & Openers and it was way more simple than I thought. It’s all about the body language and energy level and not really what you say from your mouth. I was memorizing the openers and overcomplicate things in the past but it is a lot more simple to approach & open.

We went on the field after the class session and started applying what I learned from Johnny. I was approaching & opening few sets, but I was still walking pass few sets and worrying about the openers. Johnny pointed out what I was doing wrong and I started applying what he taught me earlier to approach and open sets. He helped me open few sets and included me in the conversation. I started approaching on my own with more confidence and opening more sets.

On Day 2 of the class session, Johnny went over the next phases after the approach & opener has been set. He mentioned about the compliance tests and how to escalate the girl after the B-C phase. This is one of the areas that I wanted to improve on. In the field, I approached and opened sets by being my genuine self with confidence. I even opened sets that are mixed sets or sets with hot white girls which I normally wouldn’t even open. I came all the way to Thailand to improve so I didn’t give myself any excuses to not try to open those sets. I opened more than 10 sets and started to become more comfortable. A lot of my doubts and excuses have been eliminated after the Day 2 of the field session!

On Day 3, Johnny went over the “Day-Game”, “Logistics”, “E-F Phase”, and “Lifestyle & Goals” during the class session. Johnny explained these blue prints with great explanation which totally made sense. I had major breakthroughs that will help me to advance to have a better relationship & lifestyle.

On the last field session night, there were more sets to open than the 2 previous nights. I was ready to apply what I learned from Johnny during the past 3 days. I was more relaxed and confident approaching and talking with girls after getting all the blueprint and feedback that I received from Johnny. I opened the sets with at least 110% of energy and the girls were enjoying the time as I stopped overcomplicate and apply simple steps that Johnny informed about.

Johnny Wolf is very genuine and open to help guys like us to improve our game and lifestyle. I had a lot of fun & breakthrough moments during the bootcamp where I can start apply the theory and feedbacks that I got from Johnny during the bootcamp. I made a great decision to fly to Thailand to spend the time with Johnny at the Full Moon Party and I’m looking forward to what’s ahead in my new self.

I highly recommend to fly over to Thailand to enjoy the bootcamp at the Full Moon Party with Johnny Wolf! :D”

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The last Full Moon Party bootcamp is scheduled for February 12th, 13th, 14th, 2014. It’s scheduled as a 1 on 1 bootcamp and is officially a go ahead but since this is going to be the last one for quite a while, we’re opening it up as a small group bootcamp, maximum three students. If you want in, put down your deposit here and we’ll figure out the details together.

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Johnny Wolf
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